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About Duncan Cameron as a solo musician:
  • "Unsurpassed! … He could pick up a stick of wood in the forest and make music."
    — Lorne Brown, founder of The Ballad Project and editor of The Canadian Folk Music Bulletin
  • "The finest young Celtic musician I have heard!"
    — Dan Laxer, CJAD Radio, Montreal
  • "If you love intricate, elaborate, well-crafted traditional music Duncan Cameron is not to be missed. Cameron is one of the new generation of Canadian Celtic
    musicians and there is truly no one like him in the genre."

    — Brent Santin, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist

  • "A very talented young man!"
    — Sheri Jones, Jones & Co., management for Ashley Maclsaac
  • " 'Talent does what it can; genius does what it must' Duncan has what it takes."
    — John Allan Cameron, singer & guitarist
  • "Duncan Cameron is a fine young Interpreter in the Celtic music tradition ... very impressed with his instrumental ability, as well as vocal ability."
    — Don Ross, Sony recording artist
  • "An aura surrounds him of a quiet, shy and intelligent confidence and he immediately captures the attention ... One can tell he is genuinely in love with the music that he makes!"
    — Jonathan Donald, The Mirror
  • "Went to Allen's to see the Duncan Cameron band. They were wonderful. The crowd was enthused!!"
    — Caroline Hughey, Progress Place
  • "The mark of a truly great vocalist is the ability to move an audience without musical accompaniment. […] His full bodied, warm tenor is rich with emotion and is versatile enough to hold the interest of the listener with its vibrato and colorful inflections. […] Duncan’s album […] is officially one of my favorites from last February. It exhibits a level of musicianship and sheer beauty that is undeniable and compelling whether you are a fan of traditional music or not."
    — Damian Lethbridge, Oct 22, 2012, The Scope
  • "'Multi-instrumentalist' doesn’t even come close to describing this young man’s abilities. […] His dream has been to become a one-man Bard!! I’d say he has succeeded wonderfully. […] He has a very gentle persona with a good sense of humour, immediately bringing the audience in."
    Bob Cunningham, Feb 16, 2014, The Beat Magazine Online
About Duncan's solo CD, The Whistling Thief:
  • "As good as it gets! Amazing! Your arrangements, in some places, better than it gets. From the moment it started to play I got goose bumps. It's one of the best albums out there for sure!"
    — Kevin Closs, singer & songwriter. Tower Bay Records

  • "I LOVE this CD!"
    — Peter Crowheart, Program Director, World Music Radio, San Diego, CA.

  • "It's really brilliant! Wonderful music! Wonderful arrangements!"
    — Pierre Schryer, Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle Champion & North American Fleadh Cheoil Fiddle Champion

  • "I happened to hear Duncan as a result of an exchange of CD's: Everlasting Voices, a compilation of stories from Ireland, for his Whistling Thief. I reckon I got the better deal! Such an accomplished and versatile musician! Extremely talented! I hope he lets me know if he is ever playing in Ireland!"
    — Nuala Hayes, storyteller and collector, Dublin

About Fig For A Kiss, the band founded by Duncan and featuring his original compositions:
  • "Fig For A Kiss gave a stand out performance at the Goderich Celtic Roots [Festival] 2006. Even among a stellar international line up they truly shone."
    — Warren Robinson, Artistic Director
  • "Tunes and songs arranged with imagination and delivered with lyricism and understated power. [Fig for a Kiss was] a huge hit at the 2002 Weekend in Paris!”
    — Charlie Cares, Artistic Director
  • "I've been listening all morning to a beautiful new CD by Fig For A Kiss called Fallen Leaf … Sensational. You are all so amazing. Truly a collection to hold close to one's heart and be thankful that it was captured on CD. With no track that can go unloved, renewing devotion for tunes I've previously heard and introducing new ones as revelations. (MUST give special mention however to track no.3 - the Gentle Reproach set - it strikes me mute, breathless, heart beating faster, more alive, not caring if it never ends...) Thank you, thank you, thank you."
    — H.F., Toronto, ON, fan
  • "[Fallen Leaf is] a masterpiece. Like cream, the quality of this recording rises to take its place among the best of recent Canadian Celtic releases. It's a thinking person's Celtic music, yet also grabs the heart on a fundamentally emotional level."
    — Brent Santin, Musician, Cornwall, ON

About "Tunes for Musicians", a CD of instrumental music composed mostly by Duncan:
  • " Hi Duncan, I hope the world is treating you well. I was out for my morning constitutional today and listened (for the first time) all the way through your Tunes For Musicians. I’ve heard bits and pieces over the last few years but never actually played it from beginning to end – great stuff and great playing. You certainly captured the “soul” of the players that I recognised from around here. All the best, Fergus "
    — Fergus O'Byrne of Ryan's Fancy, St. John's, NL
About Duncan Cameron as music teacher:
  • "I feel I have a great storehouse of information you have given me that will continue to keep me going for quite some time yet."
    — Peggy Stewart, fiddle student, St. John's, NL

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