Duncan Cameron is an experienced teacher and performer on ten instruments: fiddle, English concertina, guitar, mandolin, Irish bouzouki, bodhrán, tin whistles, harmonica, banjo, and Appalachian dulcimer.

Private lessons are suitable for students of any age, and Duncan has tailored his lessons for children as young as 6 years old, as well adults of all ages. It’s never too late to start!  Duncan’s speciality is teaching fiddle music. Over time, and with regular practise, Duncan’s instruction will enable students to:
  • Play a few simple scales and melodies.
  • Increase their repertoire of jigs, reels, and other popular "session" tunes.
  • Add ornaments, double stops, and accents.
Lessons are by appointment and are held in Sudbury, ON. Go to Contact page for details.  Lessons in Toronto, ON, or other cities are sometimes possible when Duncan is touring there.  The fee for private instruction is $20 per half-hour.  Additionally Duncan has created many lesson resources that are available here for free.


Grades Title Description Language
1 - 5 Storytelling and Music for Young Children I will share songs and stories that children can enjoy. Some audience participation will be encouraged. A few instruments will be demonstrated.  English
4 - 11 Introduction to Celtic Music I will explain and demonstrate music on many traditional instruments from the British Isles and Canada’s East Coast and Quebec. These include: fiddle, tin whistles, bodhrán, mandolin, bouzouki and guitar. I will perform examples of instrumental dance music as well as songs in both English and French. I will explain the historical origins of these songs and their aural transmission. English or French
6 - 12 Introduction to Traditional Social Dancing This workshop will be presented in partnership with a dance caller. Dances such as square dances (from Ontario) or ceili dances (from Ireland) will be taught to participants. I will provide live fiddle music. English or French
12 or adults Social Issues Revealed in Old Songs In this workshop, a small group of students will have the opportunity to discuss and explore the layers of meaning in a single traditional song. These include current and historical concerns such as wealth inequality, violence and punishment, discrimination by race and gender, and more. Participants will be asked to reflect on the importance of humour, the arts, and dissenting voices. English
adults Fiddle Music for Classical Strings Players For musicians from a classical background who have an interest in traditional fiddle styles and learning to jam, I offer this insightful overview. The difference between fiddle styles will be discussed including a palette of ornamentation and rhythms. Technical aspects will be demonstrated and encouraged such as bowing for rhythmic effect. Some music theory will be reviewed and applied in practical situations, both for learning by ear more quickly and being able to improvise and accompany. Resources such as websites, apps, and my own arrangements will be shared. English

Teaching Experience

Year Position City
1987-Present Teaching privately (various instruments) Various cities
2012 Mentoring The Young Folk Fiddlers
for The North Atlantic Fiddle Convention
St. John's, NL
2011-2012 Fiddle teacher at The Music Collection St. John's, NL
2006-2007 Fiddle teacher at The Riverside Celtic College Guelph, ON
2006 High school music teacher at Le Collège français Toronto, ON
2001 Music teacher
for Continuing Education night classes at Toronto District School Board
Toronto, ON