Mindfulness, Stories & Music on the Rocks with Gary Petingola & Duncan Cameron

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With GARY PETINGOLA, author of The Response - Practising Mindfulness in Your Daily Life, co-founder and qualified mindfulness teacher with Mindfulness On The Rocks and DUNCAN ROSS CAMERON, Sudbury-based musician, singer, songwriter, award winner who specializes in playing Celtic music while playing the violin, guitar, mandolin, Irish bouzouki, banjo, bodhrán, English concertina, harmonica and tin whistle.




Research shows that heightened qualities of mindfulness can profoundly affect our appreciation of and joy in music. Join collaborators Gary Petingola and Duncan Ross Cameron for an evening of uplifting music enjoyed in the context of a variety of simple techniques to enhance the listening experience of body, mind, and spirit. If you are a lover of Celtic music, enjoy story telling and are open to learning and experimenting with basic mindfulness techniques, we encourage you to join us for this innovative evening which will include inspiring stories and insights from Gary’s new book. This special evening will be a mix of stories, mindfulness practices, and exceptional music!

This is a free event.

To attend please RSVP hello@mindfulnessontherocks.ca with your full name, telephone number, and preferred email address you will be using for this event. Subject line June 25 Event. You will receive a ZOOM link to join this event on June 25.

Books can be purchased at Chapters, Indigo.ca, latitude46publishing.com or at your favourite independent bookstore.