Pushing My Buttons

Self-exploration via the playing of the English concertina

Recently I decided to work on my next solo album.  This has been a project in development for many years, but recently, suddenly and frighteningly, my calendar became empty of other…


Strong Roots and Extended Branches

Duncan Cameron was born in a family where ancient ballads and storytelling were a natural part of life.  His Scottish father Stewart Cameron was well respected in Toronto for his traditional singing, and before Duncan was born, his sister Moira


Why do I play so many instruments?

Various explanations have been proffered.  Is it that I am talented?  If so, why do talented people usually play only one instrument?  What is talent anyway?  We think it's innate or genetically endowed; the luck of the draw before we…

The Otter's Holt - Fiddle Lesson

I posted another fiddle lesson on YouTube.  The Otter's Holt is one of the first reels I learned.  A fiddler from Sudbury named Michael Farrell made me a tape of tunes played slowly and I learned them all.  Sheet music…

Musical Priest - Fiddle Lesson

Here's a new fiddle lesson video I made of The Musical Priest on YouTube.  This reminds me of playing with Danny Mills, Fergus Brown-O'Byrne, Charlotte Anne Malischewski and many others at sessions in St. John's.  Sheet music is also available…